Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Are you puzzled on whether or not to go for MCSA certification? Top Microsoft Certified Trainers in top institutes for MCSA training in Bangalore believe Microsoft Certification has a potential to take to far and high with success. Here are top three benefits you are likely to enjoy once you are Microsoft Certified.
A certificate in your kitty says you are right person for the employers. It shouts out to the employers that you have all those skill sets that the employers are looking in their candidates. Microsoft certified trainer, Mark Long says,” A certification is the credit given to you in exchange of your expertise in the particular area. It puts confidence on the employer about his choice on hiring you.” A certification is a third party validation – ensuring you are the candidate meant for the position!
Certifications are pre-requisite point to consider for few employers while hiring employees. Given that you have one, you run ahead of competition.
Statistics reveal:
·        91% hiring panel globally consider candidates with certificates worth enough to be hired
·        64% hiring managers stand by the belief that certifications validate skills of a candidate.
Professional advantage with new technologies
The best of all benefits is that it provides you with the latest knowledge updates in your workplace. For example, if you have a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 certification, it means you have the latest knowledge and expertise on the functionalities of the SQL Server. You become more competitive than the most seasoned ones because you know how latest application work and not they who haven’t yet upgraded themselves to new level – regardless of how experienced they are.
Long says, “Being that one person in the team with hands on expertise to the latest version of any software or application brings a sea of confidence and momentum in you”. He explains that certifications become even more necessary for the professional vets as they can now upgrade themselves to the latest technology and get certified for it!
More skills, more money:
Did you know that Microsoft certified professionals are the best paid individuals in their industry? A 2013 Global Knowledge and Tech Republic report says, a Microsoft (MCSE) certified professional earn an average of $82,149 per year while the MCSA certified ones draw $82, 649 every year, plus there are bonuses as well.
The value of certification for getting you hired cannot be overstated; however, there are different policies for different companies.
So, how to go about for the certification?
As a matter of first importance, you should visit the Microsoft site and take a look at the aptitudes that are tried in every exam. Next, locate a decent learning instrument that will show you all that you have to know, for example, a preparation DVD or book. That is the place we come in. It is essential to discover a training institute that you can comprehend and gain from, in light of the fact that it will help you get a handle on the themes and functionalities. Once you're ready to locate a reasonable training institute, ensure you experience the material completely.
Who should enrol for these certificates?
Enrol yourself for a Microsoft or MCSA training institute in Bangalore if you are an:
·        IT Architect
·        IT Administrator
·        Consultant
·        SQL Server Administrator
·        Database Backup Administrator
·        Database Developer

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